TelefoneMedia: A Reliable Softswitch and VoIP Billing Management Service Provider

A Softswitch, being the central device in a telecommunications network needs to be highly efficient and reliable. It replaces the work of the older physical switchboards that was formerly carried out by hardware for routing calls. A Softswitch is an integral and crucial part of any telephone company.

Voip billing solutions management

Another important part of a carrier or Telephone Company or a telephone service provider is the VoIP billing solutions and management. VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is often referred to as a group of methodologies, communication protocols and transmission technologies for delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions over IP (Internet Protocol) networks like the Internet. Voice, fax, SMS, voice messaging applications and such communication services fall under VoIP or IP telephony, voice over broadband (VoBB) and so on.

Wholesale Routes VoIP operators and VoIP Termination service providers often hire the services of third party companies who are specialized in Softswitch and VoIP billing managements. By doing so they can save hefty investments that are required for building, owning or managing VoIP, Softswitch & OSS infrastructures. It is a smart choice for operators and service providers as it brings reliable and cost effective services to them. It also enables them to focus on other parts of their core business.

The advantages that an efficient Softswitch and VoIP Billing Management service provider brings to a carrier (VoIP service provider), can be discussed in further detail:

* The first point is that it reduces the time to market. Wholesale VoIP Operators can quickly deploy service models based on Next Generation Class-4 Softswitch technology without running into delays associated with obtaining excessive funds, building infrastructure setup, or recruiting/ training a team.
* It reduces the cost of ownership and operations, as the carrier only pays a small fraction of their operations cost, while avoiding all the hassles and risks in obtaining and managing a platform for VoIP Softswitch & billing.
* The carrier now has a highly trained and experienced core NGN Engineers to manage their switching operations.
* With their switching and VoIP billing operations taken care of, the carrier can focus on making marketing strategies, improving sales, increasing value added applications leading to an increase in its market share and higher profitability.
* In addition, the carrier may also get instant scalability options, reduced risk and the flexibility of choosing from amongst different payment plans as per their business requirement.

While looking for a reliable and efficient Softswitch and VoIP Billing service provider, carriers should go through the features offered by the provider. Some of the features are:

* CLASS-4 Core Call-Control Partitioning,
* Session Border Controller Partitioning for Enterprise SIP,
* SIP to H.323 conversion,
* Intelligent routing based on ASR, ACD, Jitter, Delay, Packet Loss and R-Factor, LCR, LLCR etc.,
* Advanced Analytics,
* High availability of system through redundant system resources and backend connectivity,
* Access to highly experienced hosted Softswitch technical & support personnel,
* RTP Proxy support,
* Comprehensive reporting on route quality, traffic trends and other hosted Softswitch business and technical metrics,
* Consumer Applications Edge Session,
* Flexible dial plan managements,
* Traffic profiling, re-routing options etc.

While it is wise to hire the services of any Softswitch and VoIP billing solution provider, research well before you do so. Your business’ success depends a lot on their services.

The writer is associated with TelefoneMedia, an expert Soft switch [] and VoIP billing solution [] service provider.

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