Tips For Choosing The Best Business Wholesale VoIP Provider

Many companies offer Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services. A business VoIP provider changes the analog audio signals coming from a phone call into digital data, which is then transferred via a computer.

Best Business VoIP Provider

While various vendors offer these services for companies and organizations, they are not all the same. Some charge a la carte for each benefit, while others offer one low monthly fee. To compare business phone systems, it’s important to understand the different features and expenses that go along with each one.

Phone Solutions That Give More But Cost Less

After doing research to compare business phone systems, chief executive offers should sign up with a Business Wholesale VoIP Provider that only charges one low monthly fee. With that fee, the vendor should offer an all-inclusive package, like unlimited local and long distance calling, unlimited auto-attendant service, free business phone numbers, limitless voicemail transcriptions, and free bridges. This type of provider can be found, but it’s vital to check all features and fees before signing up for any plan. Some vendors charge up to $25 or even $50 a month for local and long-distance calling, an extra charge for an auto-attendant, $2 to $5 per month for each number, a fee for each transcribed voicemail message, and another $10 to $40 per month for bridges.

In addition, many VoIP service providers only allow for up to three groups to be assigned to a company’s system, such as the sales team, tech support, or secretaries. However, a vendor that includes unlimited grouping can be discovered and will make communicating between these groups much easier. Unlimited conferencing is another important benefit that should come with a plan at no extra cost. If an owner has to pay each time he needs to conference call either traveling team members or out-of-state clients, he or she will be extremely unhappy when the bill arrives at the end of the month. Most importantly, a supplier that doesn’t require a company to sign a contract will stand out as a jewel among others that typically force clients to commit to at least a year or two.

Compare Business Phone Systems: Helpful Features To Look For

When trying to find the best business VoIP provider, managers should ensure that the services include toll free numbers for nationwide customers as well as a local number. Having local numbers in the cities that a company wants to increase their presence will boost credibility and a customer’s trust.

Besides local and toll free numbers, a supplier that give each employee one number to be reached at, whether they are in the office or away, takes the hassle out of communicating. Instead of a receptionist having to take messages or tracking down the employee to receive an important call, the auto-attendant automatically calls that person when a caller pushes the corresponding number from the pre-recorded menu. With the option of forwarding that same number to a staff member’s cell when they are traveling, they’ll always be reachable, and customers will feel like they are top priority.

Unlimited Conferencing Increases Productivity

Another feature to look for in a vendor is conferencing without a limit or extra fees. With this benefit, employee productivity is sure to increase because staff can share information instantly. Decisions are made much faster, since everyone involved is all connected at once. Conferencing serves as an extremely helpful tool, especially for larger companies. In today’s global world, individuals might be working together on a project, but located in several parts of the country or even world. Also, in cases of a staff member being away from the office to care for a sick child or parent, they don’t have to worry about leaving their loved one to get to a crucial meeting on time. Saving money is probably the top advantage of boundless conferencing.

Instead of a chief executive officer having to pay an extortionate amount for 10 people to attend a meeting, including airfare, car rental, hotel, and food costs, those same 10 people could collaborate through a conference call at a huge savings. Along with helping employees stay in touch, conferencing also improves customer relations, since these services can also be used to better serve a client. A provider that offers limitless conferencing keeps a client from having to depend on email to get their questions answered. This feature lets the staff member go over all documents with the customer during the conference to make sure they understand all of the details.

Chris Harmen is a writer for TelefoneMedia, a leading wholesale voip business provider. She shares how to compare business phone systems to get the best features for the lowest price.

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